VIDA Organic Essential Oils


Vida Essentials is dedicated to providing the purest and most sustainable essential oils on the market. And After Essential Oilscountless hours of research and development. We’ve located farms with the utmost respect and environmental integrity to grow our products and create each oil.

Our passion began with a quest. A quest to find natural and organic remedies to fix common household issues. After working as an executive for a big pharmaceutical company. Our co-founder had enough of the heart break. Common issues like mild allergies and anxiety were being treated with chemicals and pills to create a never ending cycle of money-making problems. So began the research. As it turned out, nearly every mild issue her former company was claiming to fix could be solved naturally with essential oils.

Vida Essentials was then born. With a promise to create safe and natural solutions for those in need. Plus we strive every day to create better products and methods to leave our earth in better condition than that in which it was found.


Take your essential oils wherever you go with our specialty diffuser bracelets! And enjoy all the benefits of your favorite VIDA essential oils. With this chic, wearable diffuser made with real chakra stones, charms, and more. The black beads are made from authentic, porous lava beads. That absorb your favorite VIDA essentials oils. And last up to six hours.

Single Essential Oils

For 5,000 years, cultures have sworn by the benefits of essential oils. Created by extracting the natural healing chemical compounds from plants, flowers and seeds. We use these oils to naturally improve health, beauty and vitality. Plus our USDA certified organic line of oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade. And hand-picked from their native source.

Chakra Essential Oils

Chakras — your body’s seven energy centers — are responsible for your emotions, aspirations and even your health. If one or more chakras receive too little or too much energy. It can impact you tremendously. Our line of chakra oils blends key fragrances to help realign and rebalance your chakras.

Wellness Essential Oils

Our wellness blends take the guesswork out of combining your favorite USDA certified organic, therapeutic grade essential oils to create all-natural potions. That treat, prevent and guard from a variety of ailments.


Just look on the label of your favorite household cleaner. It’s no shock to find that many of them are full of harmful chemicals. And  they can be absorbed into the skin, harm the environment. Plus they give off a harsh smell that just isn’t pleasant. But not to worry — there are better, safer and all-natural alternatives. That you can create with your favorite essential oils!


For the fifth night in a row, you crawl into bed without so much as looking at your partner. Tired, stressed, and irritable. You’re not in the mood for any late night activities. If you can relate to this common scenario. You might desperately desire to reintroduce intimacy to your relationship. To spice things up in your bedroom. Consider utilizing the following three essential oils. Cinnamon, Lavender, and Peppermint.

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