Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks

Wine 2 Go! Coolest product yet! 

 Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go! 

Eco Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go

Sold in 2 packs so you can pour one for you and one for them too.

Eco Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go

You know what sucks about sneaking in a flask?

Getting caught sneaking in a flask. The Flask2Go is a pliable, plastic container. Which offers a smoother, less conspicuous packet with all the booze-carrying capacity.

  • Foldable, no metal parts flask
  • Reusable, Disposable, Recyclable
  • BPA Free, Leak proof cap


Wine 2 Go
Huffington Post

“”Top 14 Gifts For Wine Lovers… Because, It’s always wine o’clock somewhere.”

Wine 2 Go

“Putting the Win in Wine. 23 Products Everyone Who Loves To Wine Should Own”

Wine Glasses and Flasks

“Must Have for anyone on the go.” “Because I lose my flasks as often as my sunglasses, I’ve switched to the Flask2Go. It’s disposable and easy to hide, and it guarantees I’m the most popular guy at every holiday party.”

Wine Glasses and Flasks

“14 Gifts To Please Every Woman in Your Life” This genius foldable flask is large enough to carry an entire bottle of wine so she can shed the heavy, breakable glass and get away with taking her vino into parks, beaches and festivals.

Wine 2 Go
Parade Magazine

Have Wine, Will Travel. “Portable, non-glass (foldable!) bottles are just the ticket for outdoor and on-the-go wining and dining.”

Wine 2 Go

You already know how to sneak booze in anywhere. But here’s another trick that borders on the essential. A collapsible wine bottle. Wine2Go is an essential BPA-free bladder for your wine. Similar to Flask2Go. And made by the same guys. But in a 750-milliliter wine size. Because why not?

Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go

Wine2Go is a Great Way to Make On-the-Go Consumption Easier!

Wine 2 Go
Life & Style Magazine

“Calling All Winos:
Your Gift Guide to Shopping for a Wine Lover”

Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go
Cool Mom Picks

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these Wine2Go portable wine bags that Kate found recently. No wonder our readers have been going crazy for them! They’re perfect for any place with a no-glass policy. No more pouring wine into plastic cups out of a bottle hidden in your purse.

Eco Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine2Go
The Fancy

“Stop lugging around that bottle! With the ability to hold a full bottle, it is perfect for concerts, picnics, or the beach.”

Eco Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go

Eco Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go

Our Silicone Wine Glasses are perfect for just about anything and everything. Whether you’re taking your Wine2Go to Lanikai beach. Or with you while hiking Mt. Hood. Because you’ll love our uber lightweight silicone glasses.

Just like Wine2Go; they’re foldable, freezable, reusable and completely worthy of your fine wine, Two-Buck ChucK. Or delicious hand made delights (spirited or non).


Eco Foldable Wine Glasses and Flasks Wine 2 Go!

Beach, Pool, or Anywhere

Perfect for: Tailgating on game day, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, The Beach, The Pool, Concerts, Picnics, Skiing, Snowmobiling… Anywhere! Anytime!

Looking for a lighter alternative to glass bottles? How about a foldable wine bottle you can use again and again?
Wine2Go, the Foldable Wine Bottle, makes the PERFECT GIFT and ADDS A LITTLE FUN to wherever life’s adventures take you!
Whether you’re at a summer festival, camping in the woods, or relaxing on the beach, Wine2Go reusable bottle will have you covered. Once you’re done, all you have to do is give it a rinse and fold it away until the next time you’re in need of some mobile refreshment.
The Wine2Go bottle is BPA Free. Easy to fill thanks to a wide mouth. And has no detrimental effects on the taste of your wine. Compared to glass, the bottle is a lot lighter. Which also means less stuff to carry on your next adventure.

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