Parenting and Families:  We all as parents have needs as we never get a user manual for our children.  Help is out there and we are making it easy and available for you right here.  Being a parent is difficult and only rewarding when you are open to highs and lows that come with developing and raising a family.

 Raising Successful Children:  What if you could:- Show your kids how they can finally make their wishes come true. Or Help your child experience systematic accomplishment again and again (after you’re done, you’ll know for sure they will ALWAYS be okay…). Show your child the way to repeated success and the pride of achievement. Help your child feel significant and competent. Because now their success does NOT depend on their teachers, or even you! Give your child a TRUE SENSE OF PURPOSE (It’ll carry them through thick and thin, for the rest of their lives). Check out how YOU can Raise a Successful Child!

Talking To Toddlers: Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond  Yes, those of us that have lived through this can attest… help is a good thing to have.  Understanding where the “Toddlers” are coming from, what is going on in their heads… allows the parent to get through the stages in a faster manner.  HUGE HELP for Parenting!  Become a better Parent Here

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We are with you – and have been raising a family for several decades.  I believe in family first. And also believe that having a network, and being open to the education and wisdom of others who have also raised a family is a true blessing.  I have received help and advice along the way in my journey in parenting. I will continue to look for and add helpful items in this Category for you to have access to.  Be sure to check back often! Also, be sure to sign up for our E-Zine Newsletter to the right of this page. Top Right Corner. To stay informed on new items added weekly.