Self Hypnosis Miracle Track Hypnosis

 Self Hypnosis Miracle Track Hypnosis

New Hypnosis Downloads Released

We have just released 6 new Self Hypnosis downloads. That have all been written by our site partner Rosemary Owen.


Anger Release

Stop Smoking


Stop Being Depressed

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Sleep Better!



Stop Blushing

Self Hypnosis

These tracks have been specially written to help you manage your problems. And in some cases stop. Whatever problem you may be having.

The new Hypnosis Tracks can change your mind set about how to stop smoking, being angry, drinking too much alcohol, Depression, staying awake at night, social confidence and self-confidence.

Miracle Track believes that hypnosis should be your first choice when it comes to these types of problems. The mind is very powerful. And with assistance from one of the hypnosis downloads. You can learn how to control your thinking. And eliminate the need to spend thousands on alternative medicines, or medical procedures. And on products that usually have side effects.

Our Partner: Meet Rosemary!

Rosemary Owen

Every Hypnosis Track on Miracle Track has been written by our site partner Rosemary Owen.

We truly couldn’t have asked for a more skilled, qualified and devoted person. To develop our hypnosis scripts.

Rosemary has been in the hypnosis industry for over 30 years! She dedicates her life to helping clients live a stress free life.

In the past Rosemary has been invited by BBC radio to discuss her methods. On how she successfully overcomes client’s problems. There have been articles posted in the Yorkshire Post about Rosemary’s success with clients. Also she was asked to collaborate a book about Dr Alexander Cannon (1896 – 1963). A famous hypnotherapist linked to the royal family and the abdication crisis.

Rosemary almost has an endless list of qualifications and certificates. Which keeps on growing as she is committed to ongoing advanced training.

Read more about Rosemary

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