Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs are only words to explain areas that are waiting for us to explore and learn.  Just because we didn’t learn it from growing up, our environment, or even our schooling; doesn’t mean it is not out there.  The Internet has provided the Information Super Highway … get on, learn… and explore.  Share and find ways to improve and grow yourself into the best you possible.

Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0  This is advanced mental technology. If you’re looking for “A Beginners Guide To Hypnosis” you won’t find it here.  This is at least fun to look into, and for some its a great hobby or trick to enjoy with friends.  What can you do with Hypnosis? What can we learn from a calm state of mind?.  See what it is all about here.

A Course In Miracles: See How Life Works: The most Comprehensive Online Course available for A Course In Miraclesthe famous spiritual text, A Course In Miracles. The course is taught by Carol Howe. One of the leading experts on the book. Also studied by some of the world’s great thought leaders. Including Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer. Oprah and Deepak Chopra.The Course has over 16 hours of high quality video shot in a resort style setting. The course comes with 8 modules. And each module comes with additional audio, meditations and workbooks. So students can really master each section. Check it out Here.

Guided Meditation Journeys For The Mind:  Register free today. And you’ll be embarking on a FREE Guided Meditation Journey to 18 amazing places. Each a truly inspiring experience unique from the last. Absolutely NO training required. And anyone and everyone can enjoy the wonderful power of their calm mind. First time! It’s as easy-to-do as following a relaxing story with your eyes closed. Come on over. And check it out for yourself.

Hypnosis Track: Stop Blushing. This is a serious problem for some of us. If you have looked at all your options. And are aware of the costly surgeries, medications. Or passive masks available to treat chronic blushing. Like meditation, deep breathing, cold packs or prescription drugs. You will be interested to learn about this hypnosis track. Comes with a Guarantee. But I think you will find this treatment effective. And a smart solution to taking control of your life. You are in charge! Don’t let blushing stop you from meeting that guy or gal you are interested in. Or keep you from getting that job you want. Go here to check out this Hypnosis Track: Stop Blushing.

Meditation and Personal Growth: What I have found is a Gold Mine of information on Meditation, Improving Your Life, Spirituality, Health and Healing, Relationships, Astrological Readings and Subliminal Recordings. There is so much Free information available on the blog site in all the above areas of interest for all things self-help. You are sure to find something to help whatever your goal or current problem is. All from the talented Jonathan Parker. Read more about this offer here.

Spirituality – what is that to you?  Do you feel a connection to the Universe? Are we All One? Is there just one GOD?  One super being that controls it all? Are we collectively God? Where do you stand with it all. Where do you find the inner peace and truth for yourself? Why is belief in God necessarily connected to a Religion? It’s all about us connecting with our own Truths. We are meant to grow. And learn to find our truths out there and within. Let’s go inwards and learn. About ourselves, our truth, and our God. Whomever that may be for you. 🙂